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Hope for Ukraine's Street Animals

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Hundehoffnung Ukraine is a German foundation aimed at helping Ukraine's street animals. They do so by supporting the legion of determined Ukrainian volunteers who aid the stray dogs and cats of Chmelnitsky, a city in the western part of the country. Hundehoffnung Ukraine also strives to find new homes for the street dogs in Germany and elsewhere. In early May 2018, I travelled to Chmelnitsky to film and photograph the work of the local volunteers whose passion and compassion provides a crucial lifeline for the region's street animals.

UPDATE: Whilst filming at Chmelnitsky's shelter, one particular dog kept attracting my attention with her friendly behaviour, attentive eyes and happy yelps. My co-worker on this project ended up rescuing three dogs from the shelter. She found homes in Germany for two of the dogs and the third - the one that caught my eye at the shelter - is now living with me: see the before and after photos below.

Natalya Borisova

Luba Poesjinska

Elena Kosjevaya

Hanna Letwinchuk



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