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Producer | Director | Cameraman | Editor - Maarten van Rouveroy

​For more info on projects, equipment and rates please contact:


Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Maarten van Rouveroy is a documentary filmmaker.  Having graduated in cinematography and marine biology, his main interests are the natural world, the environment, human rights and other global political issues.


Through his company Noctiluca, Maarten has created a range of documentary and corporate productions, handling the entire process from script, shoot, edit and distribution.


Noctiluca documentary productions have been picked up by broadcasters and film festivals around the world. Noctiluca has also produced commissioned projects for clients including APTN, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CNN, Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund, IUCN, GEOMAR, Seeker, TBD Media Group, Wildlife Justice Commission, The Weather Channel,  Seeker, Global Call for Climate Action and the European Commission.


Core competencies:


- Experienced cameraman and field producer who has worked in over 60 countries, operating in a team or as one-man crew. This includes working in challenging environments such as Antarctica and the Arctic, rainforests, deserts and at sea.


- Specialised in underwater camera work with over 470 dives in tropical, temperate and cold waters. Certified as rescue diver (2* CMAS) with rebreather, nitrox and dry suit qualifications.


- Experienced drone operator both over land and sea.

- Very experienced editor and well versed with compression and transmission software.


- Versatile and creative producer/director over a range of different formats: documentary, news, corporate, animation and multi-media / interactive. Has commissioned camera people and editors from around the world.


- Academic mind set (MSc in marine biology) with detailed knowledge of scientific, environmental and political issues.


- Extensive network of contacts with broadcasters, news agencies, distributors, filmmakers, videographers, editors, composers etc.


- Trained script writer for documentaries, news and promos.


- Experienced voice over artist.

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