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documentary - 1 min - director / camera / editor

Algae are overgrowing a once beautiful beach in France due to eutrophication. Part of series of five episodes.


promo - 1 min - director / camera / editor

Spectacular vertical wall dancing from the aerial acrobats of AIRA.


feature documentary - 75 min - camera operator (underwater and topside)

Portrait of the unique Galapagos archipelago and the conservation science carried out to protect it.


documentary - 3 min - director / camera / co-editor

DJ Ninda Felina travels from the urban jungle of Jakarta to the rainforest of West Papua to capture its sounds.

YUBARTAS - trailer

documentary - 26 min - director / camera / editor

A journey through the Colombian Pacific, an important breeding ground for the majestic humpback whales.

Congo's Carbon Bomb

documentary - 5 min - director / camera / editor / script / voice over

A team of scientists travels to the DRC to investigate the world's largest tropical peatland forest.

BIOACID - Ocean Acidification

documentary - 4 min - director / camera / editor

Hans-Otto Pörtner from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

on the state of play in ocean acidification research.

BLACK ICE - trailer

documentary - 53 min - producer / director / camera / editor

Thirty environmental activists are seized at gunpoint in a protest against Arctic oil drilling.

Guinea Bissau Fisheries Surveillance

documentary - 3 min - director / camera / editor

West Africa's fisheries authorities team up with Greenpeace in the fight against illegal fishing.

Diving El Hierro's Submarine Volcano

documentary - 10 min - director / camera / editor / script / voice over

An international team of scientists explores El Hierro's submarine volcano.

The Amazon Soya Moratorium

documentary - 18 min - producer / director / camera / editor / script / voice over

Former opponents from the industry and NGOs join forces to protect the Amazon from soya expansion.

Surviving El Niño

documentary - 26 min - producer / director / camera / editor

Farmers in the Philippines are switching to organic to adapt to a changing climate.

Does God Love Women?

documentary - 60 min - producer / co-camera

A free spirited woman from the Dutch "Bible Belt" struggles to improve

the position of women within her church as well as in her orthodox political party.

A Story of Hope

documentary - 2 min - camera / editor

Filipina typhoon survivor Joanna Sustento joins a global movement of climate justice activists.

The People of Pacifical

corporate video - 4 min - producer / director / camera / editor

Meet the people behind Pacifical - the sustainable tuna brought to you by the people from the Pacific.

Ecoforestry in Papua New Guinea

PSA - 1 min - producer / director / camera / editor

Ecoforestry provides a sustainable livelihood for forest communities in Papua New Guinea.

HEPCA - Caring for the Red Sea

documentary  - 30 min - director / camera / editor / script / voice over

The Hurghada Environmental Protection and Conservation Association is an Egyptian organisation

working on the protection of marine and coastal habitats in the Red Sea.