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The Hyperloop, Vegan Leather and the Plastic Soup Surfer

During spring and early summer of 2021, I shot three sustainability stories for three different US media outlets: Bloomberg, Business Insider and CNN International.

For CNN, I filmed a profile on Dutch activist Merijn Tinga - better known as The Plastic Soup Surfer - who campaigns against plastic pollution. The report was produced by Gisella Deputato and aired on CNN International as part of its "Going Green" show.

For Business Insider, I shot a story about the production of vegan leather from discarded mangoes, an initiative by Fruitleather, a Rotterdam based start up. The video was produced by Katie Nixdorf and has racked up huge numbers via Business Insider's social media platforms.

For a Bloomberg report on the viability of the Hyperloop - a sustainable alternative that could revolutionize the transport and travel industry - I shot the sequences at Hardt in Delft, The Netherlands. Video produced by Tom Connors.



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