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The Corona Comeback of Egypt's Dolphins

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

In December 2020, I went to the Egyptian Red Sea to film the research work of Angela Ziltener and Dolphin Watch Alliance. During the corona pandemic, the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins in the area are getting a much needed break from tourism disturbance and are making a comeback on the reefs.

The short film "The Corona Comeback of Egypt's Dolphins" is now available via distributor

Journeyman Pictures:


Marine biologist Angela Ziltener has been studying the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins of the Egyptian Red Sea for over a decade. Her team has catalogued the 350 animals in the Hurghada area and has made some groundbreaking discoveries regarding their behaviour.

At the same time, the dolphins are under severe threat from unregulated tourism which severely interferes with their behaviour.

As the corona pandemic puts tourism on hold along Egypt's Red Sea coast, the dolphins are making a comeback on the reefs. The situation provides a unique chance for Angela to study the animals' natural behaviour and offers a window of opportunity to redesign Egypt's dolphin tourism for when visitors do return to the area.



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