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#OurBlueLung mini ocean documentaries from Europe

Produced for Seas At Risk in collaboration with Christina Koll at KOLLcomms, I shot and edited a series of five videos for their #OurBlueLung series. These one minute mini-documentaries feature concerned citizens from across Europe standing up for ocean protection. The videos from Scotland, Portugal, Germany and France were shown at the Ocean Action conference in Brussels:

Jean Hascoet - Douarnenez (France) on eutrophication

Joaquim Manuel Dias - Ferragudo (Portugal) on overfishing

Kathleen McMillan - Lunderston Bay (Scotland) on plastic pollution

Valeria Bers - Nordeney Island (Germany) on tourism impacts

Grégory Zibacz - Île de Ré (France) on dolphin bycatch



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