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"Galapagos: Hope For the Future" feature documentary

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Between October 2018 and April 2019, I had the great fortune to work as a cameraman on "Galapagos: Hope for the Future" - a feature documentary film about the wildlife in this unique archipelago and the conservation science being conducted to protect its nature.

Together with producers Jochem van Rijs and Dorian Pieters, director of photography Pieter Huisman and fellow camera operator Pim Niesten, I spent more than 10 weeks on the islands of Santa Cruz, Isabela, Española, San Cristobal, Wolf and Darwin. During this time, we followed a number of conservation science projects ranging from the research on the health of giant tortoises to the restoration of cacti and the tagging of hammerhead sharks.

Offical trailer "Galapagos: Hope for the Future"

Aftermovie of the world premiere at Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam

Slideshow of the world premiere at Tushinski theatre

Slideshow of production stills



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