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AtlantOS: Atlantic Ocean Observation

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Ocean observations include all the activities which measure the physical and biological parameters of the ocean. They are crucial for our understanding of the health of the ocean and provide essential information for issues such as fisheries, weather forecasting, maritime traffic and climate change research. AtlantOS is an international project which brings together all nations around the Atlantic Ocean to collaborate on ocean observations in this region.

Working on behalf of this initiative, I filmed some of the people involved at the first AtlantOS symposium in Paris in March 2019. This has resulted in these six videos listed below. More information about AtlantOS can be found here:

ATLANTOS: An All-Atlantic Ocean Observing System

AtlantOS: First International AtlantOS Symposium

AtlantOS: Sensors and real-time data - Argo floats

AtlantOS: Seafloor mapping - Completing a big puzzle

AtlantOS: Identifying oil spill hazards

AtlantOS: Reducing maritime shipping emissions



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